Monday, October 26, 2009


Abby was a trooper today. Joe had to take her in to get her second dose of the flu shot and also to get some blood drawn. Normally I would take her to the appointment but I had to work, so Joe gets a lot of dad points today. We were lucky and got a great nurse at the drs office who was really quick about the flu shot. Joe said she cried for a second but once she realized it was over she stopped. Then it was downstairs for the next appointment. Joe had to hold her for this one. He realized at that point how strong a little 21 pounder can be. But he said that once the needle was in and the blood was going Abby stopped crying and watched the blood... I don't know if that is wierd or what. I think she didn't know what to do about that. He said that when the nurse was done with her she reached out and wanted to give her a hug. The nurse said that she had never gotten a hug from a baby she had just taken their blood from! I am sure it made her day =)

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